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Transfer Factors

Transfer Factors are a line of products of the natural origin intended for strengthening of immunity and improvement of health as a whole. The name information molecules of immunity - a transfer have given to preparations factors - factors of carrying over of the immune information. These molecules work in an organism of each person and each animal and store for immune system the information on harmful microorganisms (viruses, bacteria, etc.).

The insufficient set a transfer of factors, characteristic for the modern person, reduces immunity of the person. Products of a line the Transfer of Factors urged to fill this lack and to restore natural potential of immune system.
Transfer Factor XF (classic) base for immunity restoration. Transfer Factor Advenced - product of target action, is directed on the chronic infections caused by viruses. Transfer Factor Plus adaptogen, antibacterial and antitumour effects.
Transfer Factor Cardio transfer comprehensive support to cardiovascular system. Transfer Factor Glucouch transfer support digestive and endocrine systems.

As a transfer factors perform the work.

Quickly and effectively help immune cages to find out a problem. Help immune system to generate reciprocal protective measures. Help immune system to remember better threat next time faster to react to danger. Thus, the organism to become capable very quickly to cope with danger and the person can not notice at all that it has picked up what that хворь - so quickly and effectively immunity starts to work. Human life to become brighter and sated, in it does not remain places to illnesses and indispositions.

Transfer Factors and preventive maintenance of diseases.

Sistematicheky reception of products of a line 4Life the Transfer of Factors - the best means of preventive maintenance of diseases of an infectious origin. A transfer factors are нативными, i.e. natural to an organism, and do not cause collateral reactions. They on so much well regulate work of immune system that what illnesses are not terrible also health вцелом much more improves.

As the Transfer Factors help with treatment of illnesses.

Many illnesses have the infectious nature, or their treatment in many respects becomes complicated infectious activity. Viruses and other wreckers manage in an organism while the immune system cannot distinguish them. Products of group the Transfer of Factors train immune system and debug its normal work. Then the course of treatment appointed the doctor proceeds much faster and less painfully. Treatment cases even hopelessly sick when people with absolutely unfavourable diagnosis against reception the Transfer of Factors took place the basic treatment are fixed and went on the amendment.


In the course of reception the Transfer of Factors people has been noted a by-effect Ч a rejuvenation of fabrics and bodies of a body of the person. Corresponding researches and this fact have been conducted has been confirmed with due reliability. Therefore without losing minutes it suggested to address to the adviser and to receive the program of a rejuvenation.

Antioxidant and adaptogen.

It is curious that to the advantages of advantage set forth above the Factor Transfer are not limited. The transfer the Factor can be used, as an antioxidant - in struggle against free radicals in human body fabrics. The transfer the Factor - effective adaptogen - it helps an organism to adapt well in the conditions of varying physical activity and a climate that is useful both to sportsmen, and travellers, people, by the nature of activity moving in various climatic zones. Reception the Factor Transfer allows the person чуствовать itself comfortably in various environmental conditions and variable physical activity.

Source the Transfer of Factors.

Line products 4Life the Transfer of Factors are allocated from a colostrum of cows and yolks of eggs. The colostrum of cows, for example, contains set of elements useful to immunity, but the majority of them cannot be transferred from a cow to the person. However with the help the Transfer of Factors it becomes possible. At manufacturing of preparations of group the Transfer of Factors highly specialised filtrational processes in which result you receive cleared of fats and fibers a concentrate the Transfer of Factors are used.

Molecules a transfer of factors are absolutely unique. They help to hand over the immune information from the trained and skilled immune system not trained and not skilled. It means that your organism receives the information necessary for immune system for recognition of threat, development of protective measures and storing of "enemies".

Present that you would have a possibility to receive for itself a transfer factors from the most proof immune system. Actually it is really possible. A transfer factors are characteristic not only for a human body, and and for all animals. Hence, the person can adopt immune experience of cows and hens which exist far not in ideally pure conditions and develop immune protection against very many kinds of threats.

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Transfer Factors